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The Courts Authority in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is composed of courts of first instance and courts of appeal
The Court of Cassation may, upon the recommendation of the Judicial Council, establish specialized courts
To consider specific disputes and define their terms of reference, and the court may be included
The one is the Trial and Appellate Chambers, and the Chambers to implement the rulings issued by it.

Courts of First Instance

The primary courts that have a general jurisdiction to consider all types of lawsuits in the capital Abu Dhabi are except for what is excluded from them by text, and they are composed of college departments composed of three judges and partial ones composed of a single judge, and it is considered one of the largest courts in the country by looking at the number of departments and the size of cases that they hear, and the court has the power to consider The lawsuits filed before it starting

Appellate court

One of the basic principles of modern judicial systems is the principle of two-level litigation,which was taken by the ADJD to ensure justice by allowing the litigants to appeal the rulings of the court of first instance in all types of lawsuits,except for final cases stipulated by the law.The Court of Appeal consists of several chambers consisting of three to adjudicate the appeal of rulings issued in the courts of first instance.Its specializations are distributed among the civil,commercial,labor and administrative departments,personalcriminal.

Court of Cassation

The Court of Cassation is considered the highest judicial institution in the emirate, and it is competent to consider appeals against rulings issued by appellate courts, and to hear other appeals permitted under the law to be filed before the court of cassation, and disputes of jurisdiction between the emirate's courts. According to the law on long as such matters are related to the performance of their official duties.

Specialized jurisdiction

In the interest of the department to support guidance towards specialization in the judicial work to raise the level of performance and achieve speedy decision-making in cases, a number of judicial departments have been established with the authority to consider issues of construction and construction disputes, banks and financial institutions, stocks and financial bonds, insurance and commercial compensation and intellectual property , Children's vision, and partial medical errors. The Department of Home Labor was recently established, as well as government employees ’suits and petty suits. The department also concluded a special agreement with the International Council for Sports Arbitration to establish a headquarters for the Sports Arbitration Court in Abu Dhabi, which is its first headquarters to leave the Swiss city of Lausanne. .. Find out more >


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