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Notary Public

The "Notary Public" term refers to those who are accredited, authorized, or licensed by the Judicial Department to attest and notarize customary documents and to practice all functions specified under the Law. The term covers the Notary Public and the Private Notary,as well as the Government Notary, who is authorized by the Judicial Department to carry out notarial acts within the jurisdiction of his/ her department,either for the interest of the public or in service of the employees.

The notary specializes in:

Documenting documents that are required by law or related documents required

Certificates of relevance upon their request

Proof of the history of martial law

Documenting and certifying all declarations in accordance with the law

Putting the executive formula on the notarized document in accordance with the provisions of the law

Documents to be notarised must not be in contravention with the law or the public order, and must not fall under the notary prohibitions, or under any other local jurisdiction, as prescribed in Article No. (1) of the Law No. (11) of 2017 concerning the Notary Public in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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