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Notary Public

The notary public is anyone approved or licenced by the Judicial Department to notarize customary documents and includes the notary public, the private notary, and the governmental notary who is authorised by the Department to practise the work of a notary public in his respective department for the public or the employees themselves.

The notary public does the following:

Notarize the documents according to the law or upon request by applicants.

Affirm and prove the date of the customary documents.

Notarize and certify all declarations in accordance with the law.

Affix the executive formula to the notarized document in accordance with the provisions of the law

Putting the executive formula on the notarized document in accordance with the provisions of the law

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Notary Public and Attestation

According to Article No. 1 of Law No. 11 of 2017 regarding the notary public in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, documents must not be in violation of the law or public order, or fall within the scope of competence of another entity, or fall within the notary public's restrictions.

You can now benefit from the "smart notary public" service, which is available by downloading the official application of the Judicial Department through the following links: (Android - Apple)
The service has been made simpler and easier without the need to print and sign the transaction manually because the transactions are pre-approved by the notary public, which shortens the time of submission and approval. Since the transaction depends on the interdependence and integration with other governmental organisations, there is no need to download any official documents before submitting it. Payment is made using an authorised electronic payment channel, allowing the customer to complete the transaction digitally without having to be present in person. After the verification process is complete, the transaction is then received digitally.


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