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The Family Guidance Department was created on 10.10.1998, aiming at addressing family disputes and amicably settling them and the reunification of the family by friendly means, and helping the parties to reach a family binding agreement that preserves the respective rights without resorting to the courts, and end their differences by mutual agreement stating clearly the family rights and duties. When this fails, the applications shall be referred to the competent court at the request of the parties or one of them.

Services provided by the Family Guidance Division


The Family Guidance Section is in charge of providing family counseling (legal and sharia) through:

  • A personal meeting with the competent family counselor.
  • On phone.
  • Via WhatsApp, on the number: 026513370


Addressing marital and family differences include:​​

Family reconciliation, obedience to husband, provision of housing and any other requests.



Marital maintenance, child support, parent support, increase/ decrease alimony


Divorce affidavit, proof of divorce, Khula.


Post-divorce rights:


Dowry, edda alimony and consolatory alimony



Proof of custody, forfeiture of custody, claim of custody, visitation and escorting of children under custody


Minors' rights:

Alimony, housing, school fees, custody remuneration



Marriage reinstatement, non- reinstatement of marriage, affirmation of edda expiry



Procedures for Family Guidance:


  1. Register the complaint with the family guidance section by attending at the family guidance premises, or by completing the form available online and enclosing all documents required for opening a family file.
  2. Schedule a session
  3. Notify the other party according to the established procedures

Both parties attend at the family counselor in order to reach an agreement that is formally documented and certified 

Family Guidance Procedures


Family Guidance Units


Contact Numbers: 026514234  - 

Location: Click here
Al Ain Court Branch

Contact Numbers:037047470 - 037047178


Location: Click here
Branch of Al Dhafra Court

Contact Numbers: 026513173 - 026514053

Location: Click here

Branch of the Bani Yas Court

Contact Numbers: 026513213 - 026512534

Location: Click here

Al - Ihr Court Branch

Contact Numbers:037047560 - 037047505

Location: Click here
Ruwais Court branch 

Contact Numbers: 026513236

Location: Click here

Branch arbitrators Al Wagan

Contact Numbers: 037047994

Location: Click here

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