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ADJD Enforcement Division Electronic Auction

This service enables those wishing to purchase the auctioned items by participating in the electronic auction through ADJD App.

Requirements and mechanism of participation

• Participation in the auction is through ADJD App, you can download it from :

ownload the application on Android systems

Download the application on iOS

• Abu Dhabi Government Smart Pass.
• Those wishing to participate in the auction should visit the Enforcement Division at the ADJD Head Office to activate their account and make a security deposit equivalent to (20%) of the basic price of the auctioned items either by a bank cheque approved by ADJD or in cash.

Auction :

• Car auction 2019 click here
• Abu Dhabi real estate auction 2020 click here

Frequently asked questions about auctions : :

• Where and when can I register?
Registration takes place at the Enforcement Division of the ADJD Head Office from 08:00 am to 02:00 pm.
• Is personal attendance a prerequisite for registration ?
Personal attendance is not a requirement for registration; it is permissible to bring the original ID of the participant plus the security deposit equivalent to (20%) provided that the participant is registered in in the Abu Dhabi Government Smart Pass.
• Is the value of the security deposit refundable in case of not purchasing?
Yes, the value of the security deposit may be recovered five (5) days after the end of the auction. .
• How to inspect the auctioned items ?
The inspection of vehicles or movables shall be done by examining the details of the inspection through ADJD App.
• In case of any other inquiries, you can contact us through - 600 599 799

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