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Human Rights Office (HRO)

Based on the vision of the United Arab Emirates and the directives of the Head of the Judicial Department, the Human Rights Office was established by Decree No. 98 for 2009 of His Excellency the Undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

What objectives does the HRO have?
The HRO seeks to strengthen the rule of law by advancing the understanding and application of human rights in accordance with the rights guaranteed by the constitution and laws of the UAE and in compliance with the standards established by international conventions. This goal is in keeping with the message of tolerance in Islam and the values found in Arab and Islamic heritage.

What is the goal of the Human Rights Office?
Guided by the tolerant message of Islam and the values embedded in the Islamic and Arabic culture, the goal of Human Rights Office is to uphold the rule of law by specifically promoting human rights and enhancing the understanding and implementation of human rights in accordance with the rights provided for in the UAE Constitution and laws, and the principles established in international instruments.

Does the Human Rights Office receive complaints and petitions from the public?
Yes, the Human Rights Office receives complaints and petitions from society members.

What is required to file a complaint or petition?
- The subject of complaint / petition must be related to Abu Dhabi Judicial Department and within its jurisdiction
- Available remedies must be exhausted first, i.e. the complaint or petition must be submitted to the relevant authorities. If not solved, higher authorities are sought.
- It must be written in Arabic or English.
- Attach documents supporting the complaint or petition, including proof of identification.

Is the complaint and petition form available in my language?
The complaint form is available in both Arabic and English.

What happens when a complaint or petition is filed?
Once the complaint is filed, the Human Rights Office will review all documentation presented with the complaint or petition. Complaints are usually handled in the chronological order received, and once solved the applicant is contacted.

Please Fill up the form and send the form via e-mail to

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