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  • ​Where is the HQ of the Judicial Department and what does it include ?

The HQ is located in the Judicial Department and in Arabian Gulf street Abu Dhabi in front of Zayed Sports City and next to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, the building has a civil and penal courts in all its grades and most competent judicial chambers while some of the competent judicial chambers are  located outside the main building, such as the Labor Court and the Citizenship Court of and residence, the  Traffic Court, and the building comprising Enforcement Division, as well as the Justice services, which include the Notary Public, Marriage Contracts and Proclamation of Islam and the Non-Muslims Wills Center.


  • What other courts are located in Abu Dhabi City outside the headquarters of the Judicial Department?
1. The Municipal Court, and based in Abu Dhabi Municipality.
2. Traffic Court, based in the building of the Directorate of Traffic and Patrols in the area of  Al-zafrana Sultan Bin Zayed Street.
3. The Court of Citizenship & Residency based in the building of the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs - Abu Dhabi
4. The Labor Court in Mohammed Bin Zayed City in the building of Mazyad  Mall.


  • What are the different branches of the Notary Public other than the ADJD's  main headquarters?

Abu Dhabi

1. Al Jazeera Club Branch 

‏2. Bawabat Alsharq Mall Branch in Bani Yas.

3. Bani Yas Court branch .

4. Ministry of Community Development – Authentication

5. Injazat Center Branch – Al Mussafah .

6. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry branch.

7.Judicial Department - Abu DhabiAl Khaleej Al Arabi Street- Al Rowdah Area - next to Zayed Sports City

.Judicial Department - Abu Dhabi , Dhabia Women's Services Hall

9.Injazat Center :Marina Mall

10.Al Rahba Court

 Al Ain

1. Notary Public Services Buil


2. Branch of Al Yahar Court.

3. Branch of Al Wegan Court.

 Ministry of Social Affairs – Authentication  

5. Mazyad Municipality Branch.

6. Al Hayer Municipality Familiy Development Foundation

Al Dafra Area

1. Al Sila Court 

2. Al Ruwais Court Branch

3. Al Dafra Court Branch

4. Al Marfa'a Court Bran


5. Al Dhafrah Tamm Center 

6. Delma Tamm Center 

7. Ghayathi Tamm Center 

8. Liwa Tamm Center


  • How can inquire about lawsuits?

The Customer (Concern party)  must know the his lawsuit's number, type, and always follow the following rules in case of inquire about lawsuits:

In case of criminal cases, you must appear to the court or the public prosecutor's office before it the issue to inquire.

If the case in family guidance or reconciliation should be reviewed with the concerned persons to inquire.

Any other types of lawsuits ( Civil- Commercial- Labour- Personal Statutes- Administrative – Rental) , of all kinds and grades, as well as the enforcement will be inquiry through the website or contact the concern party or an attorney under a legal power of attorney call free  8002353


  •  How to obtain the Notary Public services?

The Notary Public services are obtained through submitting the application at the ADJD website:

The Customer shall register on the ADJD website and obtain a user name and password.

Access to electronic services, the Notary Public, choose the required service, enter the data, attaching documents, send the transaction then transaction number will appear and then waiting for Notary Public approval.

When getting the approval and receipt of a text message; the payment should be by the website with choosing  nearest Notary Public branch to you .

The customer shall print the voucher and papers and go ahead to the branch, which was chosen to ratify and receive the transaction.


  • How to inquire about the  Notary Public transactions after submission?

The query on the request status through entering the ADJD website  by the username and password, clicking the icon of my notary requests or call the toll free number 8002353


  • How to apply for a Marriage Officer to contract marriage outside ADJD? 

This is done through the ADJD website through e-Services marriage contracts or call the toll free number8002353


  • How you can initiate a complaint for criminal cases?
  • For the lawyers offices: the request should be submitted through ADJD website by using the Public Prosecution services, click on initiate a complain, write a compliant, attaching documents, waiting for approval and  contact with the competent prosecution.
  • For the customers: The concerned party shall personally attend, apply the request, Submit the application to the competent prosecutor for approval or rejection; the application can also be submitted through the ADJD website .


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