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The application of two-tier litigation, one of the basic principles of modern judicial systems, is strongly adopted by Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, to ensure justice by allowing litigants to appeal the judgments of the first instance court in all types of cases except for conclusive uncontested cases, as stipulated by law.

The Court of Appeal consists of several chambers composed of three judges to determine the appealed judgments rendered in the courts of first instance. They have a broad jurisdiction covering civil, commercial, labor, administrative, personal and criminal cases.

The court of appeal takes into account the interests of litigants, and endeavors to ease and facilitate access to justice. Therefore, appeal chambers have been established in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dhafra. This asserts the efforts made by ADJD to achieve its mission in terms of the serving the rights.

  • In accordance with decree No. 21 of 2018, issued by His Highness Chairman of ADJD, a specialized chamber has been established in both Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal and Al Ain Court of Appeal to consider cases of arbitration.

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