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How can I register a new case?

Most cases can be registered through the digital services available on the website of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department which contains samples of claim forms. Cases can also be filed through licensed law firms in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi or through some typing offices.

Is there a fee for filing cases?

Lawsuits are subject to the law on judicial fees in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and the fees vary according to the type of lawsuit and requests, while some lawsuits are exempted from judicial fees such as alimony cases, labour cases and files submitted to Mediation and Conciliation and Family Guidance. When filing a case, you will be notified of the fees before completing the procedures.


What is expected after filing a case and obtaining its number and date of the session?

Once the case is filed and the judicial fees (if any) are paid, you will get a date for the first session with the so-called Case Preparation Section, which takes care of completing the papers and any other legal requirements. The number of sessions varies from one case to another until a court ruling is rendered.​Some types of registration services, such as petitions in urgent matters (temporary alimony, seizures, and travel bans) are submitted directly to the judge, without scheduling sessions.​


How to attend the sessions?

Most of the sessions are held remotely, as you will receive a link to attend remotely, you will be contacted about the necessary arrangements in the event that the competent court decides that your personal presence is needed.


​How do I apply for an urgent application pending the consideration of the file?

Some of the cases of summary matters and interim orders are dealt with in an expedited manner, you can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions regarding (registration of interim orders) for more information.​​


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