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Child Visitation Centres

Child Visitation Centres are a regulatory body concerned with supervising the implementation of decisions
and rulings issued by the court regarding visitation in accordance with the regulations
and systems followed in the Judicial Department and according to Ministerial Resolution
No. (1150) of 2010 regarding regulations governing the visitation of children under custody.

Visitation Centres are also concerned with the social aspects and the psychological interest
of the child in custody in terms of preparing the place and maintaining
the security and safety of the child in the process of hand-over
and receipt or request for visitation in an atmosphere filled with reassurance and positivity.
The visitation Centre is also keen to provide support and assistance to the
families in conflict by involving them in the family and social advisory programs
and awareness workshops in which the focus is on how to deal with
the psyche of the children in custody according to their age groups in
a way that is beneficial and positive in the implementation of visitations on
the one hand and contributing to mitigating the negative effects resulting from divorce and separation.

Child Visitation Centre Services

File registration procedures
The file is opened at the request of the person subject of the court ruling, and the lawsuit is considered filed and producing its effects from the date of its registration

Application for a statement
This service enables a custodial/ non-custodial parent to obtain a statement to file an objection to the enforcement judge.

Apologies for inability to attend on a child visitation date
This service enables the applicant to apologise for his/her inability to visit his/her children on the set visitation date.

Request for child visitation online (As per the visitation court ruling)
This service enables the applicant to see his children under custody by the use of modern means of communication.

Request for child online visitation service (By mutual agreement between the two parties to visitation)
This service enables one of the visitation parties to communicate with the children in custody.

Request for advice (educational - legal - family - procedural - service-related - other)
This service enables the applicant for advice to communicate with psychological and educational specialists.

Powers of the Centre

  1. Executing the judicial decisions and rulings issued on visitation in accordance with the followed legal procedures required for the implementation of the provisions of the child visitation.
  2. Coordination and communication with the parties to the visitation on the visitation dates.
  3. Explaining to the parties to the visitation the laws, regulations, and instructions related to the visitation and its consequences. .
  4. Creating the right place to meet the child under custody by the person(s) allowed by the court to perform the visitation.

Working hours and means of communication

Abu Dhabi Child Visitation Center
Call Centre: 600599799
WhatsApp: + 97126514468

Al Ain Child Visitation Center
Call centre: 600599799

Al Dhafrah Child Visitation Center
Call centre: 600599799

Visitation execution times
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8:00am to 8:30pm. .

Working days and hours
Sunday-Thursday: From 8:00am to 3:00pm

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