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تسجيل الدخول لموظفي

دائرة القضاء - أبوظبي

الدخول الذكي هو الحل الرقمي للوصول إلى

خدمات حكومة دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة


  • Authentications 

Request to attest affirmation of  grant (donation) revocation 

This service enables you to apply for  the attestation of revocation of a grant in the presence of the donor and the donee  

  • Service lifecycle

  • Submit the application and the required documents through available channels
  • Sign the application before the attestation officer
  •  Application is approved by the competent judge   
  •  Pay the prescribed fees
  •  The completed form is signed  before the attestation officer.
  • Receive the attested affirmation of grant revocation, after being signed by the competent judge   

  • Documents Required

  •  Identity cards of the concerned parties and witnesses 
  •  Declaration of the donation

  • Fees

AED 1500

  • Time estimated
  • Other Government entities
  • Special conditions / Important Notes
Special conditions
• Presence of the applicant (donor and donee) to express their consent on the revocation of the donation.
• The consent of the competent authority, including the mortgagee, is required if the property is under mortgage.
• Presence of two adult witnesses having knowledge of the declarant and the incident to be witnessed 
• If either party is a legal person (company),the memorandum of association and the commercial license must be presented.
General conditions
• If the certification is for a person who has completed 18 years of age, his / her guardian or curator must be present.
• If the document submitted is a court judgment, it must be conclusive and final.
• Judgments issued outside the country must be stamped with the executory wording of the competent court.
• If the person concerned or one of the parties fails to attend or is incapacitated, debilitated or is a legal person, the application must be submitted by a person acting on their behalf legally or lawfully, with the proof evidencing so.
• Any document issued outside the country must be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• If the document is not in Arabic, it should be translated by a legal translation office certified  by the Ministry of Justice.
• No transaction shall be issued or attested if it is disputed between the parties at the time of authentication; or if it is within the jurisdiction of another authority, or otherwise contravenes sharia, laws, public order, or regulations.
• The judge may request any document or proof that he considers necessary to prove the incident.
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