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  • E - registration

Application to file a criminal case before the court of cassation 

This service enables litigants to challenge the judgments issued by criminal appeal courts by filing a case to the cassation court.

  • Service lifecycle
  • Application and required documents shall be submitted by an approved lawyer through one of the available channels
  • Pay the prescribed fees
  • Get notification of the hearing date 

  • Documents Required
  •  Emirates ID (original + copy), or any other proof of identity in exceptional cases.     
  • In case of proxy, a notarised power of attorney (original + copy)
  •  Notice of cassation, and copies thereof for each respondent
  • Lawyer registration card
  • Copy of the CFI and appeal judgments issued on the original claim

  • Fees
  • AED 1000 as a security deposit, with the exception of non-custodial penalties.
  • AED 20 for suspension/ stay of enforcement.
  • Cassation cases filed by labourers and domestic workers and the like are exempted from fees

  • Time estimated
المدة الزمنية
  • Other Government entities
الجهات الحُكوميَّة الأُخرى المَعنيَّة في إنجاز الخدمَة
  • Special conditions / Important Notes
Application must be submitted through a lawyer approved by the Court of Cassation.
• The time limit for challenging judgements issued by criminal courts before the cassation court is 30 days, subject to the law provisions. 
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