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The Public Prosecution is part of Abu Dhabi judicial authority. It has the competence to initiate and take action on criminal cases, as a representative of the public and the society members, either by referral to the court or by issuing a decision of dismissal.

The Public Prosecution has been established in Abu Dhabi under Law No. 23 of 2006 concerning the Judicial Department and has been regulated since 2007 in accordance with Decree No. 22 issued by His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD), which stipulates the reorganization of the existing prosecution offices and the formation of new ones.

The Public Prosecution practices its jurisdiction over criminal cases as a representative of the public right, seeking the administration of justice and the realization of the rule of law.

The structure of the Public Prosecution consists of the Attorney General at the top of the hierarchy, senior advocates general (assistants), advocates general, chief prosecutors, and prosecutors, so the members of higher positions have the authority to supervise and monitor their subordinates.

The Public Prosecution has sole jurisdiction over the following actions:

· Initiating criminal cases, as it assumes the responsibility of investigation, indictment, and referral to the competent court, when the accused is proven to be involved in the crime.

· Proceeding with the criminal proceedings before the courts until a final judgment is issued or a decision of case dismissal is taken.

· Assuming all other powers stipulated by the law or required under its administrative function

· Enforcing the judgments and orders rendered in criminal cases.

· Intervening also in civil and personal status cases when they involve people of incompetent capacity, incapacitated, missing or disappearing individuals, as well as in cases of waqf (endowment), wills, grants, and claims related to recusal of judges and prosecutors in accordance with the regulatory laws.

       Public Prosecution Electronic Services


Criminal cases applications 

·Request to photocopy documents of a criminal case file 

·Application for a certificate of a debt moratorium 

·Application for a certificate of a debt moratorium 

·Application for lifting a travel ban ordered under a criminal case

·Application for Interim Cease of Search

·Application for the recovery of a passport seized pending the resolution of a criminal case

·Application for recovery of a security deposit

·Application for recovery of seized items

·Application for expungement of a criminal record 

·Application for Release of a Vehicle

· Application for Revocation of Deportation Order

·Application for List  of Cases Involving an Accused 

·To whom it may concern certificate in relation to a criminal case

·Application for withdrawal of a document from a criminal case

·Application to pay fines ordered under a criminal judgment 

·Application to release a prisoner on bail

·Application to replace a guarantee held pending the resolution of a criminal case

·Application for unblocking transactions 

·Objection to a prosecution order

·Permission to visit a prisoner  

·Permission to initiate a complaint

·Petition for pardon

·Request to photocopy documents of a criminal case file 

·Cancellation of an international arrest warrant

·Issuance of international arrest warrant 

·Application to admit an additional brief in respect of a criminal case file

·Application for case termination 

·Application for joinder of criminal cases 

·Request to address public or private entities

·Request to appoint an expert in a criminal case

·Objection to traffic violations

·Application for meeting with a prosecutor- for prisoners 

·Application for disbursement of an amount deposited for a criminal case

     Abu Dhabi Judicial Department Branches List


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