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  • Digital certification service providers 

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  • Introduction

This guide explains how to apply for a digital certification services provider license and what your obligations and liabilities will be as a provider.

  • Definitions

Digital certificate
A certificate issued by a certification service provider confirming the identity of the person or entity holding an electronic signature creation device (see glossary).
Digital certification service provider
An accredited or authorised natural person or legal entity that issues digital certificates and offers digital signature-related services.
  • DCSP license applications

To obtain a digital certification services provider (DCSP) license in the UAE, you must complete an application form and send it to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority with:

  • your company’s memorandum and articles of association
  • details of your company’s organisational and ownership structure
  • the commercial license authorising you to act as a DCSP
  • a statement of your commercial activities
  • details of the company's accounts and financial resources for the previous two years (or less if your company has been trading for less than two years)
  • an insurance policy which shows you have sufficient cover for your activities as a DCSP
Download an application form to obtain or renew a DCSP license from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority website (PDF, 76K).
  • Your obligations as a DCSP

As a digital certification services provider (DCSP), you must:

  • carry out your business in accordance with the details you submitted in your application
  • ensure the accuracy and completeness of all data related to digital certificates that you provide, throughout the period of their validity
  • provide a means for the people who deal with you to confirm:
your identity
that the signature creation device referred to in the certificate is under your control
any limitations on the purpose for which the signature creation device may be used
  • provide the signatory with a method of informing you promptly of the cancellation, forgery or illegal use of the signature
  • Your liabilities as a DCSP

If the digital certificate is incorrect, as digital certification services provider (DCSP), you may be liable for damages incurred by:

  • the clients to whom you have agreed to provide certification
  • any person that relies on the certification issued by you
You will not be liable for damages:

  • that arise outside of the scope of your responsibility, as specified in the digital certificate
  • if it is proven that you were not negligent or did not commit any error
  • arising from circumstances beyond your control
  • Penalties

You may be imprisoned and/or fined if you:

  • commit a crime through the use of electronic means
  • intentionally submit inaccurate details to the certification services provider when applying for the issue, cancellation or suspension of a digital certificate
If you are not a UAE national, you will be deported if you are sentenced to imprisonment under this law.
  • Further information

This guide is for reference only. For legal advice, please contact a UAE lawyer.
For further information regarding electronic transactions and e-commerce (see glossary), see our guide on e-business.
For further information on digital signatures and digital certificates, see our guide on e-signatures and digital certificates.
  • Glossary

Electronic signature creation device
A uniquely configured device or electronic information that enables a person to apply his e-signature in the form of electronic keys and symbols.
Commercial transactions conducted by means of electronic communications.
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