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  • Marriage inside the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department

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  • Introduction

This guide explains the procedure for a marriage inside the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, including the required age, who must approve, and information on how to get the required medical examination certificate. This guide is applicable to Muslims only.

  • Marriage age and consent

If you are under 18 years of age, you cannot get married unless you get the consent of a judge.
For a woman to get married at any age, she needs the consent of her guardian.

A woman cannot be forced to marry against her will.
  • Marriage inside ADJD

To marry inside Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD)you will need to follow these procedures:

  • both the man and woman and woman's guardian must attend, and the woman’s guardian
  • two witnesses must be present
  • a marriage form must be completed and the required documents attached
  • the completed form and the documents must be taken to the customer service desk
  • the parties must attend before the marriage official, who will perform the contract
  • you must pay the required fee at the cashier’s desk
  • you will then receive the marriage contract​
  • Documents required for an Emirati citizen

Documents required for an Emirati citizen:

  • identity card of parties (original and copy)
  • family book (original and copy)
  • witnesses’ identity cards
  • medical examination certificate for the parties (original and copy)​
  • Documents required for foreigners

Documents required for foreigners:

  • birth certificate (original)
  • passport
  • copy of a valid residence permit (original)
  • proof of marital status, eg married, divorced, single, approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the applicant’s country and the UAE Consulate in the foreign country, or approved in the UAE by the Consulate of the applicant and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairshealth certificate​
  • Medical examination certificate

To complete a marriage contract you need to get a medical examination certificate.
To get a medical examination certificate you must attend one of the accredited health centres in the UAE and:

  • provide the required documents
  • pay a fee, which can vary
  • perform the specified medical examinations
The required documents you need to provide are:

  • valid passport or identity card of the citizen (original)
  • valid residence permit for a foreigner (original)
  • four coloured passport size photographs
Read further information on the health certificate and testing centres on the Government of Abu Dhabi website (Arabic only).
  • Further information

This guide is for reference only. For legal advice you should contact a UAE lawyer.
Read information on marriage contracts on the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department website.
Find out about getting married in the UAE on the Government of the UAE website.​
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