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  • Committees Department Services for Settling Rental Disputes

About the Committee Department to settle rental disputes

The Committees Department for Settling Rental Disputes are specialized in adjudicating urgently in the disputes arising concerning rental relations between landlord and tenant in accordance with the provisions of Law No. (20) for the year 2006 and regarding the rental of places and the organization of rental relation between the landlords and tenants in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the Civil Transactions Act of the United Arab Emirates, as amended, unless there’s no text, and asked to take temporary measures submitted by any of the parties of the contract or the General Secretariat of the Executive Council and the administration to follow the Judicial Council.

  • Service lifecycle
  • Documents Required
  • UAE identity card, the original version for reading the details automatically and the copy for your reference.
  • Contract lease, the original version for your perusal and the copy for your reference.
  • Certified attorney in case of procuration, the original version for your perusal and the copy for your reference.
  • Business license, a copy if the lease is on behalf of a commercial enterprise or a commercial company. ​​​
  • Fees
The Service ​The value in Dirham
​In case of requesting a depository certificate ​10 AED
​Fees of deposit form ​100 AED​
  • Time estimated
  • Half an hour, if all required conditions and documents meet.
  • Other Government entities involved in the service completion (if applied)
  • Special conditions / Important Notes
  • None
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