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Legal Aid

“Legal Aid Section” has been founded in ADJD as per the administrative decree No. 106/2011 on 23rd of May 2011, aiming at providing free legal aid to indigent people and guiding court users legally and neutrally to support their right of “the Easy Access to Justice”, be it before the filing the lawsuit or during the process of filing the lawsuit regardless of their legal positions in the pending lawsuit, plaintiffs or defendants.

This initiative comes in line with the ADJD’s orientation , its belief of providing legal and judicial aid for those who cannot afford the legal and judicial fees and in accordance with the directives of the UAE Constitution which stipulates that everyone must find an easy access to the competent judge. The economical and social circumstances must not preclude anyone to get easy access to Justice.


Goals and Specialties:

  • Providing Legal Aid and Guidance for all court users.
  • Providing free Legal Aid for indigent people before and during filing a lawsuit by them or against them before the court.


  • All court users may benefit from services of legal guidance served to them by legal researchers either face-to-face or through a phone call. The services include advocacy services, settlement of expertise fees, and paying fees of process of service by publication as per the prerequisite criteria –the seriousness of the application and applicant’s limited income.


Methods of Providing Services to the Public:

1. Face-to-face Legal Guidance

Court users and the public  may ask for legal guidance through direct contact with our legal researchers at any stage of litigation , before or during filing the lawsuit lodged by them or against them or even after a judgment is issued . This shall be done in coordination between judicial service terminals and the Legal Aid Office in ADJD.

2. Legal Guidance through a Telephone    

Providing our  service through a telephone for applicants who seek  legal guidance  at any stage of litigation before or during the case is being heard filed by those applicants or against them or even after the verdict is being made on the lawsuit , there will be a coordination in this regard between  our office and judicial service terminals in ADJD.

3. Legal Guidance through a Fax or an Email

Applicants can use a fax or an email to get our service at any stage of litigation before or after filing a lawsuit which is lodged by them or against them and this process is served in coordinated between our office and the judicial service terminals in ADJD.

4. Advocacy Services

Indigent people can have advocacy services before or during the lawsuit is being heard lodged by them or against them .This service shall be provided in coordination between advocacy offices, which are under contract to the Judicial Department for this purpose, and the concerned organizational units in ADJD.

5. Paying  Expertise Fees

ADJD shall bear the full fees of the experts for indigent people as per a competent court’s decision in this regard concerning a pending lawsuit filed by those people or against them. This matter shall be done in coordination between our office and ADJD’s Division of Finance and Budget.

6. Process of Service by Publication Fees

 ADJD shall bear the payment of the fees of the process of service by publication for those who cannot afford it as per the competent court’s decision during the stage of litigation of the lawsuit, whether filed by those seekers or lodged against them. This shall be served in coordination between our office and the Division of Finance and Budget in ADJD. 

Working Hours

The services shall be provided during the official working hours, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. during the official working days.

The service can also be provided in the night shift every Monday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the main offices of the ADJD in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.



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