Abu Dhabi Judicial Academy

The Academy of Judicial Studies & Specialized Training

Established under Decision No (16) of 2007 issued by His Highness Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Chairman of the Judicial Department, the Academy is be an institution of higher education and specialized training that trains the Judicial Authority members on all branches of law and judicial majors.

The Academy is a key enabler to increase the Emiratization rate in Abu Dhabi Judiciary. It also improves the competency of the Department staff and qualifies a new generation of UAE judicial cadre.

The Academy seeks to attract eligible post-graduates from the Faculty of Law and Sharia and the Police Academy. New members are trained to hold posts in the Judiciary through the following courses:

  • A curriculum for the new judicial trainees who will work in the Judiciary (educational course). A special attention is paid to the skills to be mastered by judges and public prosecutors
  • A training course for the judicial trainees who want to become assistant judges (supplementary course). The course is supported with practical exercises along with logical reasoning and legal thinking to approach cases and formulate decisions and judgments
  • A training course for the Public Prosecutor nominated to join the Judiciary (transformational course). A special emphasis is placed on training on effective court management and judgment wording.

Moreover, the Academy looks forward to becoming a locally, regionally and internationally recognized training center specialized in legal and judicial majors. It also lends special importance to setting a strategy that responds to the expectations of the Judicial Department so that high quality judicial services are delivered and accomplished justice is realized.


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