Special Conditions

  1. Where a judgment of divorce, marriage contract revocation or decease of a missing is issued by court, the Udda (period of mourning) shall commence only when the judgment becomes final and effective.
  2. A marriage contract for a bride younger than 18 Hijri years shall not be completed unless the case is referred to the competent committee, and approved by the judge in charge.
  3. Members of Armed Forces wishing to marry non-UAE nationals should have a special permission to this effect from the Armed Forces Chief of Staff or his authorized representative.
  4. GCC- national men, apart from UAE nationals, who wish to marry Non-GCC women, should have and submit the consent of their respective countries.
  5. A Yemeni woman, wishing to marry with a man whose nationality is not of hers, shall have consent from her country.
  6. Where a UAE national man, holding a passport issued by the Emirate of Ajman, wishes to marry a woman of non-GCC countries, he shall submit a proof confirming the approval of the Sharia Court of Ajman.
  7. Saudi and Bahraini citizens wishing to marry women not of their nationalities must submit aproof confirming the approval of their respective countries.

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