Certificate of Celibacy

Confirmation of  the applicant’s declaration of  being not married before.

Requirements for Acquiring the Service

  • Presence  of the applicant.
  • Bringing two competent witnesses for identification.

Required Documents

  • Submission of the applicant and witnesses’ Identity Cards or proof of identity for those who are not required to obtain Identity Card, and copies thereof.
  • Family book for U.A.E. nationals (original and copy).

Steps for Acquiring the Service:

  1. Filling out the service‘s form.
  2. Submission of the application at the reception desk.
  3. Signatures of the applicant and the witnesses.
  4. Obtaining a waiting ticket.
  5. Approaching the authenticator to complete the transaction.
  6. Payment of the determined charges.
  7. Judge’s Signatureand seal on the declaration. 

Important Notes

  • Should  the deponent be  a minor or an incapacitated person, his guardian or curator must appear and submit the court a court decision proving such guardianship or curatorship.
  • Should  the female deponent be an expatriate,she must produce a statement from the embassy of her country proving her status or her guardian must attend.
  • Should the person before the court  appearing in his capacity as an agent to the deponent, a power of  attorney entitled  him the right to declare must be produced (original and copy).
  • Should  the submitted document  have been  issued outside the  UAE, it must be duly attested.



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